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Autism Endorsement is a Course

Autism Endorsement

3.0 credits

$27 Enroll

Full course description

This is the last required course for earning the Autism Specialization Endorsement. The pre-requisite of this course is having a current Job Placement Specialist credential. This self-paced course introduces Employment Providers to services designed to support a customer with a neurodevelopmental disorder, especially autism spectrum disorder. This course is one of the requirements to earn the autism endorsement. 

This course contains five units:

Unit 1:  Autism Endorsement Overview

Unit 2: Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Unit 3: Environmental Work Assessment

Unit 4: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Supports

Unit 5: Autism Premium

There are two parts to completing this course and obtaining the Autism Endorsement;

  1. Upload your Relias Certificate of Completion
  2. Complete the Autism Endorsement course

This course ends March 31st, 2022