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15.0 credits

$135 Enroll

Full course description

When a customer needs direct assistance, beyond what the VR counselor and the Texas Workforce Solutions-Vocational Rehabilitation Services (TWS-VRS) staff can provide, it contracts with a Community Rehabilitation Provider (CRP).  A  CRP provides directly, or facilitates the provision of, one or more vocational rehabilitation services, to enable individuals who have disabilities to maximize their opportunities for employment.  The CRP may offer a broad range of services through its contract with Vocational Rehabilitation.  This course will provide information on:

  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services Best Practices
  • Types of Contracts and Preparation
  • Gaining a Bilateral Contract
  • Contracting
  • Staffing
  • Service Delivery
  • Marketing Your Services
  • Ethics
  • Credential Renewal

This is a self-paced course, however, you must complete the unit reviews with a 75% or above to move to the next unit. You must complete all unit reviews before the Final Test will open. You must complete the Final Test with a score of 75% or above to successfully complete the course.

This course will close on March 31st, 2022.

This course is delivered on the Canvas platform. Please click here for the Canvas technology requirements