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Job Placement (5/2/22 - 6/13/22) is a Course

Job Placement (5/2/22 - 6/13/22)

May 2 - Jun 14, 2022
20.0 credits

$280 Enroll

Full course description

The Job Placement course provides you with strategies to develop curriculum, implement training activities and complete job searching activities while meeting each customer's needs, including, but not limited to, literacy and disability needs. You must have Job Skills Training Credential before registering for this course. The Job Placement Specialist must have knowledge and skills related to: employment data collection, job applications, resumes, job references, written correspondence, interviewing, pre-employment testing, job searching, job acceptance, onboarding with employers, and employment barriers. The role of the Job Placement Specialist is to teach and assist the customer in executing the skills necessary to prepare for job searching activities, leading the customer to gain competitive integrated employment. You will also learn how to document the benchmark system for Job Placement. The class is facilitated by an experienced instructor, who will provide you personalized feedback to help you hone your job placement skills.

The course is a 6-week, facilitator-led course, that is not self-paced. The participant must complete all of the required coursework and earn the required points before the Final Test will open. The participant must complete the Final Test with a score of 75% or above to successfully complete the course.

Participants who do not earn the required points will not have access to the Final Test.

This course is delivered on the Canvas platform. Please click here for the Canvas technology requirements.