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ETHICS: Leadership in the Counseling Relationship is a Course

ETHICS: Leadership in the Counseling Relationship

Ended Nov 9, 2019
1.5 credits

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What happens to the provider if the job a person decides they want is different from the goal that is written on the plan?  When does the Rehabilitation Counselor decide if a person is able to progress without additional supports from the agency?  There are constantly circumstances where counselors, teachers and providers must consider the ethical issues of their decision and/or recommendations to a client. 

From the counseling to employment, the person with the disability is involved in the devising, revising and implementation of the employment goal.  The rehabilitation counselor, teacher or employment provider role in the creation of a plan with a “reasonable promise of success” takes both leadership and an understanding of the person’s abilities and circumstances.  This webinar session will review the ethical guidelines and decision making for the welfare of those served by rehabilitation counselors.   

Presenter: Judith Guetzow