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When Your Health Starts Getting in the Way of Your Job is a Course

When Your Health Starts Getting in the Way of Your Job

Ended Sep 28, 2020
1.5 credits

$35 Enroll

Full course description

Getting expert advice on how to disclose a health condition or a disability and what job accommodations to ask for, will preserve your work performance and your peace of mind. Disclosure is optional – it’s not required by law – but it’s recommended at the first sign of your condition impacting your job. Attendees will walk away with a new level of confidence around how to talk about their condition and their accommodation needs with their employer. Others will gain a greater awareness and understanding of the complexity of the disclosure process and its components.

Upon completion of this webinar, participants will be able to:

1) Experience healing of self-image and renewed confidence.

2) Begin an open dialogue with their employer based on trust.

3) Seek the accommodations they need to work of optimal job performance.

Presenter: Trish Robichaud