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Sexuality & Autism Spectrum Disorder is a Course

Sexuality & Autism Spectrum Disorder

Ended Nov 27, 2021
2 credits

Full course description

This two part pre-recorded webinar series will discuss important facets of sexuality and relationships in the context of autism spectrum disorder, and recommendations for providing sexuality education for this population.

Upon completion of this webinar, participants will be able to

  1. Recognize how an autism profile might impact social and sexual functioning
  2. Access resources to best support social and sexual functioning
  3. Develop questions and plans to proactively support social and sexual functioning for autistic clients

Presented by: Eileen T Crehan, PhD

Dr. Crehan is a clinical psychologist and assistant professor at Tufts University in Medford, MA. Her interest is in access to care for autistic adolescents and adults, with a focus on sexuality and relationship education. The Crehan Lab, her research group, collaborates with an Autism Community Advisory Board to guide research initiatives. Her group uses their lab social media accounts (@CrehanLab) to disseminate free resources and study announcements. Dr. Crehan served as the clinical director at the Autism Assessment, Research, and Treatment Services center at Rush University Medical Center prior to joining the group at Tufts, where she established an adult autism clinic and developed department-specific trainings and protocols to increase the hospital’s capacity to best serve their autistic patients.