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Successful Transitions to Employment for College Juniors & Seniors with Disabilities is a Course

Successful Transitions to Employment for College Juniors & Seniors with Disabilities

Ends Nov 12, 2022
1.5 credits

$15 Enroll

Full course description

Pre-Recorded Webinar: Using simple auditory, written and guided practice exercises, the presenter will teach participants: 

1) why it is essential for college juniors and seniors with disabilities to begin planning for the transition to employment as soon as possible

2) Why this planning must, if possible, be centered around an internship. 

3 Highlight, simple, results oriented strategies that can he help customers hone the skills needed to plan and execute a smooth transition from academia to the workforce. 

  • This training counts as 1.5 CEU for UNT WISE
  • This training earns 1.5 CEU for CRCC

Upon completion of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  1. How to transition  customers in their Jr. and Sr. years of college to employment, using  scaffolded instruction, to ensure that, per the person-centered service delivery model,  the customer leads in the planning, goal setting and implementation of their transition plan. 
  2. Gain a thorough knowledge of their customer’s strengths, weaknesses, and long-term life goals, so that the  transition process leads  customers to a career in a field or fields they are passionate about, where they will succeed based on their: Strengths , be paid on par with their non-disabled peers, have opportunities for advancement and have  access to comprehensive health benefits.

Presenter: Steve McEvoy

Steve McEvoy is a former NYC 7-12 general and special education social studies teacher with an MA in education from Teachers College Columbia University. He has a passion for teaching young adults with disabilities the necessary skills to succeed in the workplace in the face of discrimination they will encounter. 

Due to living with cerebral palsy and a determination to close the disability employment gap since 2012, Steve has been working as a Disability Employment Specialist. His work encompasses three areas: 

  1. Teach companies how/why hiring and marketing to people with disabilities increases profits and brand presence. In 2016, Steve co-presented on the topic at Googles NYC headquarters. The presentation was simulcast to every Google office worldwide. 
  2. Write about subjects related to disability and employment. 
  3. Help people with and without disabilities reach their employment goals.