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Decorative image with collection of health icons The ABC’s of Living Well with Chronic Illness is a Course

The ABC’s of Living Well with Chronic Illness

Ended Jan 24, 2021
1.5 credits

Full course description

Pre-recorded webinar: Chronic illness is a significant health care problem in North America, with many people living with more than one chronic condition. While health care professionals have been encouraging patients to make healthy life-style choices for many decades, there’s now clinical, study-based evidence to prove that follow-up coaching and skills development practice can contribute to their success.

Studies have now proven that patients who have the skills, knowledge, and confidence to more effectively manage the physical and emotional realities of their illness tend to feel better, driving up their quality of life. As a result, they use health care services differently, which can positively impact their quality of care.

This webinar examines 28 practical strategies for exercising healthy self-management, each inspired by the ABC’s of living well with chronic illness - Attitude, Balance & Communication. The learnings and take-aways will be useful for reinforcing truths that many ultimately know but have lacked the motivation or inspiration to see through to implementation.

Attendees who will benefit include people living with chronic illness as well as health care professionals who have a job that involves motivating people to create healthy changes.

Upon completion of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • See the impact that a positive attitude can have on one’s health
  • Accept the role that proactive planning and maintaining balance can play
  • Acknowledge that quality communication is critical to understanding ourselves and to helping others understand our needs

Presenter: Trish Robichaud